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The Heart of Laredo, Then and Now.

Stand on the tree-shaded green of the Plaza de San Agustin on any given day, and you might see couples strolling on the brick paths or a vibrant festival alive with music, dancing, and booths selling local artwork or authentic Mexican cuisine.

It’s a scene not unlike what you might have seen in the 1700’s, when Laredo was first founded. From the beginning, the Plaza de San Agustin was the center of town-and the center of operations for commerce, religion, and celebration.

The Cathedral is still there today, standing in the same location where the original mission chapel once stood. It boasts an active Catholic congregation, and it’s the site of many of the city’s most beautiful weddings and celebrations.

The Plaza is still a focal point for many of Laredo’s festivals-including: 

• Jamboozie 

• George Washington’s Birthday Celebration   

• Bazaar

• El Grito "Mexico Independence Day"

Jamboozie at San Agustin Palza


Jamboozie  at San Agustin Palza


"El Grito" at San Agustin Plaza - Sep 15