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A Brief History of the Republic of the Río Grande

The Republic of the Río Grande Museum is a Mexican vernacular structure, constructed in 1830 with an 1860 addition. Operated by the Webb County Heritage Foundation, it is considered a historic house museum which features displays recreating an authentic c.1830 home in Laredo including a ranching office, bedroom, and historic kitchen.


The Republic of the Río Grande Museum is located at 1005 Zaragoza Street on the grounds of La Posada Hotel.


Museum hours are Tuesday – Saturday from 9:00 a.m. – 4 p.m.

For more information, please call (956) 727-0977 or visit here




The WBC Museum is located across the street from Laredo's revered landmark, historic San Agustin Cathedral.

Museum hours are Tuesday-Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

920 Zaragoza Street. 

Appointments  at La Posada Hotel front Desk, the official host hotel of the Celebration at (956) 722-1701, or by visiting the lobby.  

Admission is free and open to the public.


Villa Antigua® 


This restored two-story brick building constructed in the early 20th century, was once home to two early Laredo merchant families. With its size and pivotal location on the banks of the Rio Grande, this Italianate-style residence is representative of the grand houses that populated the San Agustín District in the early twentieth century. The block, with several historic properties, is located immediately east of San Agustín Cathedral, Laredo’s oldest landmark and San Agustín Plaza, which dates to 1767. 

810 Zaragoza St
78040 Laredo

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Gallery 201 began and continues to exhibit exciting works by emerging Mexican artists, Texas artists and local Laredo artists, concentrating on the cultural significance in a city comprised of 95% Mexican Americans.

513 San Bernardo Ave 

(956) 237-0627

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See Laredo at your own pace. Go on the Heritage Self Guided Walking Tours at The Republic of the Rio Grande Museum.  

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Laredo Center for the Arts

Gallery & Bookstore

Established with assistance from the City of Laredo to promote the artistic creativity of all people, the Laredo Center for the Arts hosts a variety of artistic and cultural events, including international art exhibitions, dance performances, art history lectures, musical performances, and art education classes for adults and children.

The Laredo Center for the Arts has opened The Book Nook, a bookstore for the Laredo community and the surrounding areas. Come visit us and share in our love for books!

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St. Peter’s Historic District

Beautiful Neighborhood

Bounded by Santa Maria Ave., the Texas-Mexican tracks, the Missouri Pacific tracks and Hidalgo Street on the south, the St. Peter’s neighborhood was developed between 1881 and World War 1. The neighborhood was named for St. Peter’s Church, on 1500 Matamoros, which was constructed in 1896-1897. It was Laredo’s second Catholic Church and the first for English speakers. Many of the homes and the Church structure remain in working condition today. 

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Casa Ortiz

A part of laredo's Heritage

With its beautiful gardens and its amazing view to Mexico and the Rio Grande River, the historical Casa Ortiz, in downtown Laredo is part of the Historical Center of Laredo. Built by Jose Reyes Ortiz between 1829 and 1830. Casa Ortiz was recorded a Texas Historical Landmark in 1964 becoming one of Laredo’s most precious legacies. At present, Casa Ortiz is managed by Texas A&M International University, which is used for holding University events, seminars, tours, and for educational purposes. Casa Ortiz is associated also with the Webb County Heritage Foundation and Streets of Laredo. Together we organize, participate, and host events, tours and art exhibitions, for the community in general.

915 Zaragoza St.
Laredo, TX 78040
(956) 326.3200

Operation Hours
Monday through Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm, or by special appointment or event
Admission is free